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Cover Art by Best Page Forward

I’m excited to share the cover design for my debut novel, Left Turn, a contemporary romance about finding love unexpectedly and how priorities can change.

The cover design process was much more involved than I expected. First, finding someone to do the cover revealed an unknown anxiety: actually having to talk to someone about my book!

I had a few missteps, but finally found someone to help me with the cover, the description, and some of the marketing ad copy to promote the book. I gotta tell you, this was an enormous relief, because I’ve been dreading the marketing part of getting the book out there.

The Process

The first thing I had to do was fill out a very detailed questionnaire about my book. I expected questions about genre, characters, etc. But this multi-page form felt a lot like homework. Besides giving a deep dive into character descriptions and motivations, I also provided a book report summarizing the story in a four-act structure.

You’d think after writing a book, summarizing it would have been a piece of cake. No. It was homework, I’m telling you.

But I’m happy with the results and excited to share them with you.

The Description / Blurb

And here it is… the description for Left Turn:

She’s got her nose to the grindstone. He’s longing to leave the spotlight. But when desire gets involved, will their hearts refuse to follow the script?

Alex Tanner’s ambitions don’t include long-term relationships. And despite difficulty rising up in the male-dominated oil industry, the ambitious career woman has just landed her dream project. So there’s no way she’ll let her Scottish Hollywood hunk of a flight companion talk her into trading her five-year plan for passion.

Finley McAlister isn’t sure he can stomach another publicity tour. With his love of acting bringing fame and unwanted attention, he’s still reeling from a terrible loss he blames on the ruthless media. But when the stunning executive seated next to him makes her disinterest in his celebrity status clear, he feels his lust for life unexpectedly rekindle.

Giving in to the charming man’s offer of dinner, Alex is stunned when paparazzi spread her image across the gossip sites and she’s in danger of losing her assignment. And though Finley would jump at a chance to escape the limelight and spend his days with Alex, he fears the rabid reporters could tear down his beloved’s hard-won achievements.

With the world’s eyes turned to watch, can they make their own happy ending?

Left Turn is the captivating first book in the Women of Caprock contemporary romance series. If you like strong heroines, gorgeous men, and emotional challenges, then you’ll adore Lancy McCall’s triumphant tale.

Front and Back Cover

front and back cover of Left Turn novel

Next Steps

I’m doing this a bit out of order as I learn the self-publishing business. Common wisdom is to do the blurb (description) and cover earlier in the process while you’re still writing the book. So I’m behind the eight ball on that one. But I’m getting there.

I’ve purchased my ISBN numbers and am currently setting up accounts with distributors and aggregators so I can publish the book once I finish getting it properly formatted.

Target publish date is early August and I’m hoping to get it up for preorder in the coming week. (Fingers crossed!)

Once it’s available, I’ll post a link so you guys can check it out.

What do you think? Do you like it? Think it’s a story you’d want to read?

Happy Reading!

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