Left Turn is Literary Titan Book Award Winner


Recently, I submitted Left Turn for an editorial review to the Literary Titan Book Review Service. When they sent me a five-star review, I was delighted. (Click here to read their review.) But what I wasn’t aware of was that they automatically submitted my book for their award program.

After receiving such positive feedback with the review, you can imagine how amazing it felt to be notified that Left Turn had received the Literary Titan Gold Book Award.

Per their website, this award “is bestowed upon books that exemplify exceptional standards in the presentation of original content. For both fiction and non-fiction works, this award appreciates the meticulous development of unique characters or subjects presented in an authentically engaging context. Whether it is an innovative narrative structure for a fiction book or a compelling argumentation in a non-fiction work, we value the ability to support fresh themes and ideas. The award also honors the craft of elegant prose, showcasing a talent for transforming simple words into compelling, beautifully constructed text. This prestigious accolade is our tribute to books that represent an extraordinary achievement in the literary world.”

My story is now an award-winning book and I am an award-winning author!

If you love books about strong, independent women and their relationships, check out Left Turn at your favorite online retailer. It’s the first book in the interconnected, standalones in the Women of Caprock series. You can find links here: Left Turn.

Happy Reading!

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