Line/Copy Edits are Back on Left Turn

The line/copy edit review is back on Left Turn and I’ve been working on revisions this week.

First, some terminology…

The first level of editing is called a developmental or structural edit. This is where the editor looks at big picture items such as story structure, character development, and plot holes.

The next edit process is the line edit, where the editor gets more into the details and reviews the writing itself. They look at style, pacing, and consistency of characters and author voice. Line editing sometimes bleeds into copy editing, which focuses more on the mechanics of grammar and sentence structure.

The revisions I received last week were a combination of line and copy editing and I’m quite pleased that I had fewer changes than expected. On a first book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. (It’s been a minute since I sat in Mr. Simpson’s tenth grade class diagramming sentences.)

I’ve made it through five chapters so far and am hoping to complete the revisions by the end of this week. So far, it looks like I love ellipses too much, don’t use enough hyphens, and have some weird aversion to using the correct punctuation with non-dialog quote marks.

Next Steps

  • Cover Design: I’ve got to find a cover designer who can help me find the right cover for the book.
  • Blurb: You wouldn’t think this would be so hard, but it is! How do I write the perfect enticement for someone to read my story?

That’s the update! (I’m trying to become more disciplined about tracking my progress and hoping that posting these updates here will hold me accountable.)

Happy Reading!

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